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Our company began in 2007 as "The Ponder Company", we started our adventure in the furniture business that came to an end in 2017, while our company was growing we felt that we need to expand into other lines of business, thats when "The Ponder Company" became "Ponder Trading Company". In 2018 while we still sell our furniture we lauched our top selling brands to date "BlueBelle Candle Company" and "Paw Reserve".


Ponder Trading Company is known for the best furniture unique peices of furniture we reclaim, our company grown from just selling 3 different types of brands, now our company manages 7 different brands of businesses. 


In early 2020 "Ponder Trading Company" company name has been retired into now what we know as Ponder Brands. Our company owns several different types of brands that make your life more enjoyable rather it can be from one of our furniture peices, sweet smelling candles, to the ball your playing catch with! 


Our Brands that we own/operate are currently: 

BlueBelle Candle Company (

Paw Reserve (

Ponder Bakery (

White Buffalo Apparel (

AverScents (

Space Federations (

ReVamped Concepts (

Locks Pod (